Some Thoughts on Glove Leather

All these factors make for the unique characteristics of leather.

For most of the 20th century, the very best glove leather was tanned in the Northeast area of the United States. Due to the world economy, all the tanneries in this area have disappeared. The craftsmen who produced it have disappeared too and with them the recipe for the finest glove leather in the world. Many of the baseball gloves sold globally were made with this unique leather. Personally, I have found that this particular leather has a unique feel and quality that has never been duplicated in any other part of the world.

With proper care this special leather can continue to provide and service your valued possession for years to come. Gloves made from this product are truly worth collecting. Unfortunately, gloves will never be made in this way again, and we are poorer for it.

Today, gloves are much more like running shoes made with high tech construction and artificial materials. Produced at an extraordinarily low price, newer glove owners don’t appreciate the craft and are less sentimental about their purchase. The glove is discarded as soon as its use is diminished. Gone forever is the unique quality, the simple designs and the functionality that was once the hallmark of past generations. This is what made your glove special to you and a cherished possession.

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