Binding Edge Replacement and Repair Cost: $89.00/glove

Your glove may need to have the rolled leather edging that wraps around the glove’s hand opening repaired. The original leather edging could be worn and torn, or the vinyl binding is now cracked and broken. I will remove and replace the old vinyl or leather with fine high quality leather and match the color of the leather being replaced and maintain the original shape and feel of your glove included with lining restoration work .I am always very busy with this specialized work and return could take up to 10 to 14 weeks.

This operation cost is for this operation by its self. This operation cost may be included or a portion as part of the overall cost combined with other restoration operations. The cost assessment for a restoration repair will never exceed $299 and the average is generally between $135 and $200 depending on the in-hand assessment.

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