JOHN GOLOMB's 4200 Kangaroo Striking back is back after 50 years! 


Made from the finest Australian top-grain kangaroo leather, this striking bag is old school. Once kangaroo was the standard preferred leather for the top professional striking bags. Its strength and lightweight made it the most desirable material for the strongest and fastest bags in the world. Because of its unique qualities, kangaroo leather was the choice for many sporting goods products, such as track, football and baseball shoes and even baseball gloves. In the early 1960s because of their high desirability, kangaroos were over hunted and became an endangered species. In order to preserve them, they were banned by the United States for use in manufacturing. In the intervening years, top quality bags were made with kidskin or cowhide. The striking bag was never the same until now.


When John Golomb ran the striking bag production at Everlast in 1978 the Bronx factory made 6000 bags a week. The top professional striking bag, Model 4200 retailed, for $44. In today’s dollars that would be $250.


* Top quality Australian Kangaroo Leather

* 100% nylon lined

* Fully leather welted

* Kevlar reinforced hanger for extra durability


This item is custom handmade to order. Allow one to two weeks for delivery. Free shipping for all items over $50.

4200 Kangaroo Striking Speed Bag

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